SIMPKAL Expertise and Technical Progress Centre in Kalisz and the Kalisz Branch of SIMP

 specializes in the following services: 

!!! NEW!!

 we conduct dedicated specialized trainings in the SIMPKAL Development Services Database subsidised from EU funds

We provide preparation training for a qualifying exam at the position connected with supervision or/and equipment operations, installation and energy networks in the following groups: I (Electrical) II (heat), III (gas)
We also conduct safety training (BHP) - periodical for staff, senior management, safety staff  and other health and safety (BHP).

We organixe training sessions at the headquarter "SIMPKAL" and on-site, the cost of each trainning to be arranged depending on the number of participants and scope of training.

Additional informations available from Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 2 PM  

in headquarter of Oddział Kaliski SIMP (Dom Technika NOT at  Kaliszu: basement, room # 4)  or phone # 62 757 22 56 

The center experts collaborate with the powers and titles  
SIMP lecturers, SIMP Certified Experts  and SIMP Experts